To guide the development  direction of  the municipality  in the next three (3) years, the LGU under its present Mayor  and its local elected  officials have laid down the development  framework  which will be the foundation for all their developmental initiatives during their term of office.  Acronamed “BANGON “ Siruma . This development framework affirmed the over-all vision the LGU  wanted to adopt in order to attain a balanced, community based  and environment friendly government that is conducive to development.  BANGON stands for,

B  –    basic services (health, social welfare, gender)

A  –    agriculture & fisheries development

N  –    infrastructure development

G  –    gender  and development

O  –    organize  & intensify coastal management

N   –   natures protection & tourism development

With the management  tool at hand , the LGU is now moving forward implementing the various initiatives its officials have drawn up for the benefit of its constituency .  It will be working with its people together as a team, moving in one direction, speaking in one  voice, within the framework and principles of good governance , for the betterment of our town and people.